Taste Of Italy In The North End

Our final full day in Boston was May 8th, and it sure was a delicious one. This post is basically all about food, so if you are hungry… you have been warned. We spent the entire morning on the North End Market … Continue reading

Calling All Travelers: Discover The Best And Worst Of Italy

The following is a guest post I wrote that can be found on Wolters World, along with plenty of other travel tips and destination ideas to get the most out of your travel experiences!

filmed in Rome, Italy

5 Things You Will Hate About Italy:

1.      Yourself There are lots of tourists in Italy. They are everywhere! This means that there may be long lines and high prices. But so many tourists also means there must be a good reason to visit!

2.      Beggars/Pickpockets There are all kinds of pickpockets out there- and its not just men! They can be women and children too! Be careful with your belongings, and check out “9 Reasons You Got Robbed While Traveling” to learn what not to do! You can also try out a zipper pocket as shown in the video.

3.      The Toilets For women especially- be prepared for the toilets! Many of the bathrooms in Italy just have a hole in the ground or toilet with no seat. You can always bring seat covers to make you feel slightly cleaner!

4.      They Do Not Speak English or You Will Need to Learn Some Italian Even though they mostly do speak English in the tourism industry, generally the people don’t speak English. However, they will try to communicate with you so brushing up on your Italian before you go will be a great help! To learn some basic Italian, check out the Italian Language Learning section from Wolters World!

5.      Crossing the Road/Drivers Italy has some crazy drivers and busy streets, so be very careful when crossing the street or even just walking near the street.

5 Things You Will Love About Italy:

1.       The Super Friendly People Italians are very friendly and proud of their towns and history. The people of Italy really make the country how amazing it is today.

2.      The Food and Wine Both the food and wine in Italy are outstanding and will make your taste buds go crazy! There are all kinds of pasta, meats, cheese, and so much more! There will be different options depending on the region you are in and what season you go in, so be sure to try out as much as you can!

3.      Cheap Public Transport The trains, metro, and buses are all cheap and effective methods of transportation in Italy. With so many options it is very easy to navigate through Italy, and even between other nearby countries.

4.      The Weather You will always find great weather, no matter what part of Italy you choose to visit! There is never a “bad time” to visit Italy.

5.      It’s Italy!  Everything is amazing in Italy. The rich history, museums, landscapes, and so much more all contribute to the amazing experiences you will have in Italy.

Overall, Italy is a breathtaking country with so much depth and beauty to experience that you muse see at some point in your life. Both of the previous videos will help you to get a feel for Italy as a first-time visitor and help you to get the most out of your trip to Italy.

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