African Impact is Going Beyond the Roots!

Sending a shoutout to African Impact on this very special day as they celebrate 10 years of leadership and innovation in responsible volunteer travel! In honor of their 10th anniversary, African Impact has launched an initiative called Beyond the Roots, … Continue reading

No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted

Friday was a sad day. Not only was it our last day volunteering, but it was also the last day of Holiday Club at Zambezi Sawmills. We decided to do an extra fun day for the kids and take lots … Continue reading

If You Want to Make History, Make a Difference

The kids all seemed supercharged the day after Christmas. A few of the boys came to class with this same shirt on.. hilarious! One of the boys named Chile really wanted to learn about how plants grow, so we did … Continue reading

Zambezi Holiday Club

Tuesday morning, up bright and early! It’s our first full day and we are heading to the schools to teach. Kristen and I were placed at Zambezi Sawmills¬†Community School along with 3 other volunteers. The school provides education and a … Continue reading

African Adventures

In case it has not been obvious enough, my sister Kristen and I spent this Christmas in Africa!¬†After lots of careful research and planning, we booked our trip with Kaya Volunteer to head to Livingstone, Zambia for two weeks to … Continue reading