African Impact is Going Beyond the Roots!

Sending a shoutout to African Impact on this very special day as they celebrate 10 years of leadership and innovation in responsible volunteer travel! In honor of their 10th anniversary, African Impact has launched an initiative called Beyond the Roots, … Continue reading

Until Next Time, Zambia

I recently put together this video as a memento of my time in Zambia, and to give others a small glimpse into how I spent my holidays. For more on my experiences volunteering check out my previous blog posts. Enjoy! Questions about Zambia … Continue reading

Life Lessons From a Seven-Year-Old

A few months ago I returned from Zambia on a volunteer teaching program. I went there to teach kids in the community. But I came back home with the discovery that not only did I teach them, but they taught me. … Continue reading

Sundowners at the Royal Livingstone Hotel

Our last day in Livingstone arrived so quickly, but we definitely made the most of it. We started out the day by visiting the Curio Market. Thinking about it in terms of US$, the prices were cheap regardless so it … Continue reading

Everything In Africa Bites, But The Safari Bug Is Worst Of All

The morning involved waking up at 5 am and cleaning the mud off our feet with the muddy puddles of water. Good enough for the day! We had a cold breakfast to have something in our stomachs and ventured off … Continue reading

Weekend Adventures: Off to Botswana!

Continuing on with Friday’s journey, we packed up the car and headed to Botswana! We would be going on a boat cruise in the evening, camping out overnight, and going on two game drives the next day before heading back … Continue reading

No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted

Friday was a sad day. Not only was it our last day volunteering, but it was also the last day of Holiday Club at Zambezi Sawmills. We decided to do an extra fun day for the kids and take lots … Continue reading

If You Want to Make History, Make a Difference

The kids all seemed supercharged the day after Christmas. A few of the boys came to class with this same shirt on.. hilarious! One of the boys named Chile really wanted to learn about how plants grow, so we did … Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Zambia!

Merry Christmas from Africa! Another day, but it sure did not feel much like Christmas. It was a beautiful day outside and we spent all morning laying by the pool. I even got a nice crispy Christmas sunburn. Never thought … Continue reading