In a Gentle Way, You Can Shake The World

Friday was England day! The kids were so excited to eat biscuits in class and make really cool crowns like the Royal Family wears.

England Day

Chile at Holiday Club

After letting them play outside for a while, we decided to try and do some writing with them. It was difficult because the kids are of such a wide age range (2 to 14 years old) so we don’t want to hold back the older ones but at the same time we don’t want to lose the younger ones. So I had the kids help me spell out some words on the board and I drew some pictures and told the students to write a story if they could, otherwise just copy down the words or draw pictures. Then we went around to help them with whatever they were working on. It was thrilling to see how eager the students were to write. They did such an amazing job writing stories and worked so hard to correct any errors they had, I felt like such a proud teacher!

Writing at Zambezi

Our afternoon project got cancelled because it was pouring rain outside so we made Christmas decorations for the Carols By Candlelight event instead. We have the weekends off from projects, so check back tomorrow to hear about our weekend adventures!

Little Matters,



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