Running To The Finish Line

This is a little late, but better late than never. On July 27th I ran the BTN 10K in Chicago and finally started running like I have wanted to for a while. I signed up in the beginning of June, forcing me to train during the following months and work up to my race goal. To do this at a comfortable temperature while also working full-time I typically did my runs at 5:30am. I was not too thrilled to be rolling out of bed before the sun was even up, but every one of those early mornings was worth it, hands down. The post-run beer after the race was a nice plus as well 🙂

BTN Big10K

It is true what they say about getting into early morning workout routines- once you start doing your workouts in the early AM (usually to train for something, like a race) that routine tends to stick even afterwards. When my alarm would go off during those days of training, I would roll out of bed and tell myself that once the race was over I could go back to sleeping until 7. Instead, 2 weeks after the race, I am still waking up at 5am to get my gym time in.

BTN Big10K

Finally, I want to end with some motivation for anyone who thinks they have become “too busy” to work out. It’s not about time, it’s about priorities.

Achieve Your Dreams

Little Matters,



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